Have You Always Focused On Shaughnessy?

December 14th, 2018

In a recent interview with Trevor Jones – Owner of TJones Group and well known Luxury Home Building in Shaughnessy BC (Vancouver’s most exclusive neighbourhood) – we were curious to learn if Trevor has always focused his efforts in Shaughnessy? Here is Trevor’s entire answer:

In case you missed it, here’s the transcript:

An interview with Trevor Jones – Have You Always Focused Your Efforts On Shaughnessy?

“No, no when I started out we built on a cross section. Some medium to little larger homes. But quite frankly there was hardly any larger homes being built. Most people who came into Vancouver and wanted to live in larger homes, came to Shaughnessy and bought a home and probably renovated it. But I actually came to Shaughnessy in 1979 and renovated a home. And did extensive work. After having done it, I kind of went… meh..this is a lot of work and you’re always compromising your end product, so I thought, “why not take a nice lot and build a new home on it?” So I did that. Built a new home, and kind of started the trend of building new homes in Shaughnessy. I was actually the first one who built several of the new homes in Shaughnessy. But then, when that caught on real well, then other builders started doing the same thing.”

TJones Enterprises.

— End Transcript —

In our last video we learned about Trevor’s unique approach to the luxury home development process. In our next video Trevor reveals his thoughts on the future of the Vancouver Real Estate Market.

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