How Did You Transition From Teaching To Property Development?

June 26th, 2018

In a recent interview with Trevor Jones – Trevor answered the question: How did you transition from being a Teacher, to Property Development in Vancouver?

Here is the full transcript in case you missed it:

An Interview with Trevor Jones. How did you get your start? Tell us about leaving teaching.

Well in 1979 I had become so busy on some of the Real Estate endeavours I was involved in it was difficult to do both jobs. So I had to give up the teaching. Quite frankly I tried to give up my teaching in 1978 the year before. And I went to the Administration and said: “You know, can I quit”? And they said: “No you’ve actually have signed on for”… each year you have to give notice by March to not teach the next year, and I had gone past that point and I didn’t feel right just leaving, so I taught for one more year. But that was a bit of a busy year because I was doing both.

— End Transcript —

In our last video we learned about Trevor winning his first major award. In our next video we learn about the significance of the Concord Seattle Project.

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