Tell Us About The Significance Of The Seattle Projects

July 6th, 2018

In a recent interview with Trevor Jones we were curious what a Shaughnessy Luxury Home Developer was doing in Seattle all those years ago, so we wanted to know more about the significance of the Seattle projects he won the MAME Awards for. Here is his entire answer:

An Interview With Trevor Jones: Tell Us About The Significance Of The Seattle Projects.

It was Twin Towers in Seattle Downtown, what we were trying to do was rejuvenate the downtown area because the traffic is so bad in Seattle. I could kind of see that people were fed-up with driving into downtown every day. So, rather than being driving, they would rather be at home in 5 minutes rather than 35 minutes. So, we started, we built this Twin Tower High Rise which was called the “Concorde” and it was kind of innovative, because it was the beginning of sort of the “internet and Techy” era. So our “logo” for it was “Get Connected”. And it was very successful. As I said it won the “project of the year award” for the whole United States. It was a delightful looking building, very well received; it sold out very quickly. And it actually started a trend because, since then; there’s been a lot of buildings been built downtown. In Fact Bosa out of Vancouver has just built Twin Towers in Downtown Seattle not far from our initial project there.

T. Jones Enterprises.

— End Transcript —

In our last video, we learned about how Trevor transitioned from teaching to being a luxury home builder in Vancouver. In our next video we learn what the T Jones Group did for the downtown Seattle community.

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