Tell Us What You Did For The Downtown Seattle Community

July 17th, 2018

In a recent interview with Trevor Jones we were curious what a Shaughnessy Luxury Home Developer was doing in Seattle all those years ago, so we wanted to know more about what his company did for the Downtown Seattle Community. Here is his entire answer:

In case you missed it; here’s the transcript:

An Interview With Trevor Jones – Tell Us About What You Did For The Downtown Seattle Community?

Well actually we put money towards the creation of a park right across the street (from The Concord) on the view side towards the water. It wasn’t very far from the water front. So, we invested money into this park and the City (of Seattle) ended up taking a piece of land and creating a park there.

T. Jones Enterprises.

— End Transcript —

In our last video we learned about the significance of the Concord Seattle projects by Trevor Jones. In our next video we learn about the greatest challenges facing not just TJonesGroup but also the entire industry.

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