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tjones-services-2A luxury home isn’t something about which to be indecisive. It is a decision, an investment, and most of all an idyllic place where life’s most beautiful memories will happen for you and all of your loved ones.

We have built enough spectacular luxury homes to know every step of what it takes to deliver legendary absolute top-tier excellence.

Our clients are welcomed among the ranks of who we call our dear friends. Vancouver’s westside is home to more than 100 luxury properties carrying our name and reputation. They alongside the spectacular individuals who dream to build them create our legacy. Each luxury home epitomizes the finest craftsmanship and highest quality of materials available.

Let us redefine what you’ve come to expert as the best. Our thorough and punctual processes ensure each beautiful home exudes unique distinction and a rarity in superb creative engineering. We know this process and we know it well. We’re eager to share with you and your loved ones in the exact sort of home you dream of and deserve.

Every dream of a tailored luxury home looks a little different. Some of them look extremely different. One thing each of our clients have in common is that they always expect the absolute best. No matter how large or vast or elaborate that dream home is, you and your loved ones want to make the most of the beauty by which we’re surrounded on the coast.

It’s worth reflecting on what sort of home houses your most valuable memories. What sort of space encapsulates your possessions is important to be mindful of as well. Everywhere you’ve ever lived and called home shapes who you are.

Our full-service elite team will work closely with you to ensure we’re aligned. Nothing could be more precious than the memories and experiences to come in your new home. Don’t let your dream home be built by someone without dreams as big as yours are. Our visions will have synchronization before we break any ground or sign any papers.

From initial consultations to the finishing touches, demand the best. Upfront timelines, fixed price contracts, and clear-cut warranties. Every element of what we do and what we build and who we serve is designed for luxury and comfort. Let’s take anxiety and worry out of the equation, because this is your dream home we’re working on building.

For us, immaculate detail is our platinum standard rather than our goal or hope. Our obsession for design fused to your ambition is the perfect formula. This formula will ensure the finished work can be cherished for generations to come. Trust the architects and full-service team at T. Jones Group. We’ve been behind some of Vancouver’s most spectacular luxury homes for over 35 years. If you like our philosophy and our focus on perfection, then chances are our next luxury home should be yours.

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T. Jones is a full-service contracting team who works closely with each of our clients throughout the entire building experience. From the beginning we work meticulously with the architects, designers and the clients to help transform a vision into a reality.