Tell Us About Your Distinctive Hands-On Approach To Luxury Home Building

August 28th, 2018

In a recent interview with Trevor Jones – Owner of TJones Group and well known Luxury Home Building in Shaughnessy BC (Vancouver’s most exclusive neighbourhood) – we were curious to learn more about their distinctive hands-on approach for which they’ve built the highest reputation in luxury home building. Here is Trevor’s entire answer:

In case you missed it, here’s the transcript:

An interview with Trevor Jones – Tell us about the TJones Distinctive Hands-on Approach.

Having been in the business for thirty-six years and built many high-end homes; we have a huge amount of experience in how to put the project together. So if the client comes to us we take the whole process together, starting with the design taking it through the system at the city. We do all the interior design. We often work with an Architect, but we guide the architect along also to make sure that – they’re not builders – and to make sure the end product will be a successful project for what the people want. In other words they have their needs and interests, so we have to work around them. And we are kind of a boutique construction company. We only build pretty well two houses at a time, so we’re totally hands on. We’re not in a situation where we have an office and managers and superintendents all over the place running around in trucks, trying to do many projects. It’s quite frankly just Cameron and myself. Cameron does most of the field work and he also does a lot of the design work – we work on the design issues together. But because we’re so hands-on we deal with the project, we deal with our clients directly, so we end up with a successful project. Which is what the clients want. And because we’re so hands-on, we can do it less expensively than having a whole bunch of other people involved, that quite frankly don’t add anything to the project, they just add cost.

TJones Enterprises

— End Transcript —

In our last video we learned how Trevor and Cameron guide their clients through the treacherous luxury home development process. In our next video we learn if Trevor has always focused his attention on Shaughnessy BC.

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